The year 2015 didn't turn out as I planned... so I decided to focus on finally making my dream a reality.  I have always had a passion for animals, and a love of cooking.  Mix it up with the need to nurture, and Canine Cupcakes and Couture was born.   My tasting crew, Snickers, Muzbee, and Tonka who is the poster boy above, have been my inspiration for this adventure.  They are my lead tasters, as well as some  of their other furry friends, and also some of my closest friends ( all of our treats are made with human grade products and are safe for us to eat as well).

Every Edible on this site was prepared by me, and every item I have chosen to sell, was hand picked by me.  As the business grows, I will be adding customized products, such as Hand Knitted Sweaters, made to your specifications, and hand made quilts coming in the fall, just in time for our Cold Canadian Winter.   In my opinion nothing is too good for my dogs, so the utmost care is taken in preparation, and now let me share it with your dogs.   Thanks for supporting  Canine Cupcakes and Couture...... Mandy.

Puppy Heaven at a friends house introducing my tasting team to her new little one. Poppy the red little girl asleep on my left.

Trying to get the tasting team to sit still is almost impossible...  Sorry if it's a bit blurry.

Muzbee and Snickers, their last outing before Tonka joined our team.

Snickers first car ride!. hard to believe she was so tiny. She is my smallest weighing in at 5.3 pounds at just over a year old.