The best form of Advertising , is word of mouth, or in this case word of snout !!! send us a picture of our happy Customers and let us post them on our fan page !! Happy Shopping


This is Ruby, she is sporting our Hawaii Sun hat and matching Bandana.   Ruby came to see us at the Aliston Potato Festival . Looking good Ruby

This is Gracie.  Gracie's mom decided to pic up some Gluten free treats for her at our show, and she loved them.

         Zara Newcastle U.K.

         Ziva Newcastle U.K.


Bear,  Fergus Ontario ! Our Cheese Crunchies  make him smile !

As you can see... Russ appreciates the finer things in life. The classic dog bones are his favorite . Huntsville.

Bruce Wayne sporting the whole ensemble here !! such a handsome boy !!!

These are my three, Muzbee to the left (middle child) Tonka In the middle, the baby of the three and my poster boy, and Snickers the oldest and tiniest on the right.

Huntsville Group shot from the left ... Hunter, Russel (without his glasses) Jackie, and Bruce Wayne.  All Canine Cupcakes treat lovers !!

Daisy is a repeat customer originally from Orangeville Ribfest... thanks for your loyalty Daisy

Diesel is a friend of Daisys, who is now enjoying our Gluten free treats as well.... hope to see you again soon

Sansa Kaloo, Huntsville Diva, Small bones, and Cheese Crunchies